Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you service only residential properties?
  • No, we offer our services for both residential and commercial establishments.

2) How do you estimate jobs?
  • We have carefully priced a number of small regular jobs, like installing door knobs, hanging picture frames, installing ceiling fans, etc. For other special jobs needing our supervisor's on-site visit prior to estimate, there is a minimum check-up fee of P400.00 fully reimbursable upon booking the job.

3) What happens in case the door knob your handyman installed all of a sudden comes off? Are you going to install it again?
  • Yes, we guarantee our labor jobs for at least 60 days. We will gladly install the knob again free of charge should it be caused by installation problems.

4) Do you also accept interior design works?
  • Yes. Foreman-On-Call has a service which packages remodeling inclusive of design, should you opt for this kind of service.

5) Do you have a minimum service fee?
  • Yes. Booked jobs should total to at least Php1,500.00 minimum.
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